A little bit about me…

Hi! My name is Michelle. 

Brian & !Girls and I

I’ve started this blog to document by journey toward becoming a more healthy, slimmer version of me.

For so many of us, making good food choices and finding the time to exercise seems out of our reach.  Many of our friends or even our spouses may not understand how difficult it can be.

Reason One:  I love food.

All kinds of food.

Sweet.  Salty.  Fast Food.  Salads.

You name it, I probably like eating it.

Reason Two:  Exercise isn’t fun, especially if you aren’t already fit.

But…I do love going to Jazzercise, which leads me to Reason Three.

Reason Three:  When you begin to exercise, it hurts and you want to quit.

If my body would let me, I would go to Jazzercise every day and twice on Sunday!  But, it doesn’t.

Reason Four:  Old Habits.

You get used to making poor choices and the good choices become so difficult to make.

Regardless of the additional reasons I can list, or the ones you can, to ensure we are here to be with our kiddos and loved ones, we need to be healthy.

In my almost 40 years, I have spent a lot of time, and money, researching and trying A LOT of diets.  Sometimes I’ve been successful and lost weight, only to gain some or all of it back.  I feel as if every other year I’m slim and the others, well, not so slim.  I’ve had enough.  I’m hoping that I have finally reached the place where I truly believe ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.  It’s time to do this.


The Bible says this in Psalm 46:5


So, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  I’ve had it!  It’s time for a change.  A significant, life altering change!

I am currently a member of Weight Watchers.  So, for the next 30 days I will share on this blog my daily struggles and triumphs regarding food choices and exercise, along with following the Weight Watcher new points system.  I will share my losses (and hopefully no gains).

Here’s to a new 2016 and a new me!

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